About Zade

I’m Zade. I’m the lazy one. I like sleeping, cuddling, getting pet, and eating. Occasionally, I dabble in the fine art of barking at squirrels and birds, but mostly I just like to relax. My best friend is my twin sister, Zia. She’s so awesome. I usually follow her wherever she goes. If you’re reading this, it’s probably because she wanted to go on an adventure and I said “do we have to?” and she said “YES!”, so I said…”ok.”

We were both born on November 5, 2009. I’m a Yorkshire Terrier, so that means I’m about 60 years-old in human years. Someone really needs to tell Zia that we’re too old to go on adventures, but she says “age is just a number!” and she’s probably right… I’m getting a little chubby in my old age, so some exercise would do me good and I should probably eat a little less kibble too.

Other things you might need to know about me – I have seasonal allergies and can sometimes get pretty itchy. Also, I’m used to getting kenneled at night and during the day while my parents are at work. I actually really enjoy the kennel, so don’t worry about putting me in one if you have one handy. Other than that, I’m an easy going kind of guy. Pretty much as long as I’m with my sister, being pet, or eating…I’m happy 🙂

Thank you so much for helping us! Can’t wait to find my parents 🙂