About twice a year our parents go out of the country and have a sitter watch us. If you can’t get a hold of our mom and dad, try this number:

  • Dog Sitter: TBD


Last Resort

If you’re not able to get a hold of either of our parents or our sitter, you can always call our grandma Diana. Our grandma loves us and lives in San Marcos, so she can come and pick us up until our parents get home. If for some unfortunate reason our Grandma is unavailable, our Microchip company  and a quick note to our parents (using the text box below) will also help get us home. Our parents promise to reimburse you for any expenses you have and will give you a reward for being such an awesome human.

  • Diana (Grandma)Cell: (512) 850-1414
  • Microchip Company 1-866-597-2424
      • Zia’s Chip # 982-000-408-846-274
      • Zade’s Chip # 982-000-409-358-761
  • If all else fails, enter your info in here: